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“The Moody team demonstrated amazing attention to detail. They searched high and low and confirmed 100% of their recoveries. This aggressive attitude is exactly what we were looking or in a profit recovery firm. They are extremely professional and do not intrude our working environment.”
Internet Provider and Technology Retailer


Moody Associates, P.A. employs a diverse staff of auditors. Rather than outsourcing the audit to independent contractors, our employees are a team. The team environment promotes idea sharing and collaboration between employees. Team members work together to maximize recoveries for each Client. Bonus plans based on revenue goals keep our employees motivated to provide maximum results for our Clients.


Modeled from Management’s Big Five experience, each audit that M&A conducts has a team assigned. This team consists of a Partner, Manager, Senior and Staff; similar to a financial statement audit. Individuals on the team are consistent throughout the audit process to ensure no stone goes unturned. Our pyramidal team structure allows us to increase the efficiency of the audit as well as ensure quality. Prior to submitting a claim to our Clients, each claim is reviewed by a Senior, Manager and a Partner. This review ensures the quality of each claim so that our Client’s time is not wasted and vendor relationships are not harmed.


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